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A podcast where two friends (Dalton and Logan) discuss everything from elementary school to college - oh and they do homework!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Homework Half-Pint: Two Drunk Boys

    As the title suggests, Logan and Dalton are drunk in the episode. Breaking their monthlong sobriety to host a party at their apartment, the boys force their friends to answer questions about high school and beyond! Tune in next week for a regular episode. email: homeworkwithfriends@gmail.com instagram: @homeworkwithfriends twitter: @homeworkpod merch: https://www.teepublic.com/user/loganlukacs ...


  2. Episode 34: Herbal Special

    Logan spills the tea on tea! Dalton breaks down the history of marijuana, better known as sticky icky weed. The boys discuss how damned cold it is as well as their first experiences with the devil’s lettuce. Connect with us: Email: homeworkwithfriends@gmail.com Twitter: @homeworkpod Instagram: @homworkpod Merch: https://www.teepublic.com/user/loganlukacs ...


  3. Episode 33: The Homework Trials

    The "trial" of the century is underway on this weeks episode of Homework with Friends. Dalton argues that Homework should be banished from schools, while Logan fights to keep kids learning. AND special guest judge Victoria Scozzaro lays the book down on the dumb old dunce of the week. Connect ...


  4. Episode 32: Paper Folding and Dice Rolling

    This week Dalton gives you the inside scoop on origami and Logan creates a card/dice game called MARS. But to start, the boys give their take on 2018 in movies! Just what the people asked for! Connect with us: Email: homeworkwithfriends@gmail.com Twitter: @homeworkpod Instagram: @homeworkwithfriends Merch: teepublic.com/user/loganlukacs ...


  5. Episode 31: Who's got the Brains?

    AND WE ARE BACK! Semester four of Homework with Friends kicks off with a breakdown of IQ and personality testing. Logan teaches you about the history of the IQ test and where it stands today. Dalton talks to you about three of today's most popular forms of personality testing. We ...